Full-Length Screenplay: Who is Laurence Harvey?

Laurence Harvey and Frank Sinatra filming “The Manchurian Candidate” (1962).

Synopsis: A dramedy about the tempestuous life and untimely death of the forgotten international film star Laurence Harvey (1928 – 1973). This screenplay is a character study tracing the development of Larry’s public persona — the serious actor — juxtaposed with his troubled personal life, which he masked by his outrageous sense of humor. We follow Larry’s journey through interactions with his famous contemporaries, including his good friends (Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor), his enemies (Laurence Oliver, Sid James), and his illustrious costars (Shelley Winter, Angela Lansbury, Julie Christie).

Advanced to the Second Round (top 25%) of The 2012 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.

“The script gives us a strong solid and wholly unique concept selecting a rather well known but still a relatively unknown actor. The tone of the story is spot on… Dialogue is powerful and funny and really helps the piece shine… This is a noteworthy project…” –Feedback from the Film Independent Screenwriting Lab 2012


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One thought on “Full-Length Screenplay: Who is Laurence Harvey?

  1. […] “Go Jump in the Lake”: During the filming of The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Laurence Harvey is required to jump into the frozen waters of the Lake in Central Park. With this feat looming over his head, Laurence questions his ability to cope with the pressure. (Related Post: Full-Length Screenplay: Who is Laurence Harvey?) […]


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